2021 Legislative Priorities

Protect Texas’s investment in its 5.5 million students

  • Maintain and continue to increase the basic allotment under the Huberty/Taylor Act (HB 3).

  • Suspend or delay implementation of certain programs rather than reducing the basic allotment to ensure all students receive the adequate funding they deserve.

  • Expand the school safety allotment for funding issues related to COVID-19 and other potential health emergencies in Texas schools.

  • Ensure federal recovery dollars are used to maintain current levels of funding for schools.

Adjust the eligibility of the Fast Growth Allotment to ensure targeted funding serves schools where concentrated enrollment creates a disproportionate impact

  • Amend TEC Sec. 48.111, pertaining to the fast growth allotment, to include a minimum standard for eligibility. 

  • Similar to the FGSC eligibility requirements. Require district to have (1) an enrollment of at least 2,500 students and (2) enrollment growth over the last five years of at least 10% or 3,500 students overall to be eligible for funding.

Improve transparency and efficiency of charter schools in Texas

  • Require charter schools to notify districts within a specified radius upon the purchase of property or upon entering a contract for lease of a property with the intent to establish a campus.

  • Require voter approval of a new charter within the ISD where it will be located.

  • Require a public hearing be held within each district where a charter is being proposed.\


  • Maintain local control for governments to hold elections on the two uniform election dates in May in November. 

  • Amend TEC to allow local governments to cancel local elections during emergency situations.

  • Amend required ballot language that misleads voters.

  • Restore the notion of freedom with accountability.

Expand connectivity for students, schools, and communities throughout Texas

  • Develop an omnibus solution to address the broadband access divide, including creative solutions to solve a lack of infrastructure.