FGSC Goals for 2021-22 School Year


  1. Increase membership by emerging, sustaining and friends of fast growth as well as corporate sponsors to cover economic losses by the impact of the pandemic.
  2. Identify monthly relevant topics that will keep FGSC member and corporate sponsors informed and updated.
  3. Spotlight our FGSC destination districts and platinum sponsors in our monthly newsletter and website.
  4. Establish a Mentor Network for FGSC Superintendents and Chief Financial Officers.
  5. Engage and inform Executive Committee and Steering Committee Members on meeting our goals.


  1. Monitor and analyze the implementation of the revised fast-growth allotment and the New Instructional Facility Allotment.
  2. Identify and respond to any Special Session Bill that may impact member districts of the Fast Growth School Coalition.
  3. Monitor and analyze the impact of Federal Infrastructure Legislation as part of the Build Back America Plan.
  4. Review FIRST Rating indicators to determine equitable impact on fast growing schools.